Shanghai Lijin Composite International 

Your Reliable Composite Industry Supplier in China.

Carbon Fiber and more ...

Shanghai Lijin Composite International is a manufacturing and exporting company based in Shanghai, China. The production facilities are located in Shandong Province and Guangdong Province.


Focusing on composite material industry, Shanghai Lijin specializes in Carbon Fiber tubes, plates and related R&D.


Our production capability covers

. Roll-wrapped Carbon Fiber Tubes,

. Filament Winding Carbon Fiber Tubes,

. Pultruded Carbon Fiber Tubes

. Laminated Carbon Fiber Sheets


Perovskite solar cell R&D is also one of Shanghai Lijin Composite new projects starting from 2017.

Contact Lijin

Rm C206, Bld #1,

No.69 Tieshan Rd,Shanghai 200940 China

T. +86-21-66186012

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